I was a senior engineer and technical lead at the Financial Times.

I worked on paywall performance optimisations, then led the team that implemented GDPR compliance on, and finished with a stint in the Operations & Reliability team.

Separately, I was a member of the FT's Cyber Security Guild.


I'm a DevRel engineer at Fastly.

I've worked on our Developer Hub, Fiddle, advocated for OpenAPI, and shipped Fastly's first code-generated API clients. I particularly enjoy cooking up experiments in edge computing – like neural network inference (thanks, Rust).

Infrequently published articles are here and here.

My current interests are authentication, trust and resilience.


Next streaming at: Passkeys: a future without passwords? – Fastly Developers Live (31 Aug 2023, 18:00 UTC, LIVE coding).

Next speaking at: DevOps Barcelona (9-10 Nov 2023).

I love tech conferences! I've spoken at many, including LeadDev, NodeConf, DevOpsCon, Google DevFest, AWS Summit, and